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Welcome to the VITA candidate blog, where the VITA team and selected guests will post on topics from the world of IT recruitment.

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About vita

What is VITA? Where did VITA come from? What can VITA do for me?

The Vindler ITalents Academy (VITA) is the daughter company of Vindler GmbH, a respected information security consultancy based right here in Germany. We formed VITA because one question kept being asked; "Where can we find good IT people?". Vindler's clients had to deal with candidates that did not meet the skill levels for the vacant positions. Often through no fault of the candidate, they were being put forward for roles by people without any real understanding themselves of the skills required. Imagine the pain of being a JavaScript guru, to hear, "I've put you forward for a Java developer role, because that's the same as JavaScript, right?". To address this problem, VITA was formed from, and has access to, a variety of experts from the various fields of IT.

VITA has a dedicated candidate manager who will look after you throughout your journey. Stefanie runs a LinkedIn recruitment group that she will invite you to join and discuss all things recruitment.

The other side of VITA focuses on securing the perfect role for you. Our head of business relations, Roland knows the skill sets of our candidates and can assure companies that VITA has the best person for the job. Often, Roland will secure vacancies that companies have not yet advertised.

So contact VITA today and let our team help you with the next step in your career.

Gavin Ewan

Gavin Ewan